what a restaurant consultant do for you?

General Information

If you already own a restaurant and are wondering what a restaurant consultant can do for you, the answer is fairly simple: sometimes you just need another set of eyes to look at a problem. Perhaps you have concerns about menu selections and design, supply chain cost reductions or even problems with recruiting talent. Restaurant consultants have decades of expertise in menu development, industry operations, and management.

You could be losing money, but cannot pinpoint the cause. Consultants are entrepreneurs and businessmen with a knack for budgeting. You could be on the other side of the issue, your restaurant could be so busy you don’t have the time to put needed systems in place. Consultants can help with time management, too. Even if you’re just feeling overwhelmed, our Operations Analysis gives detailed recommendations to establish firm footholds in the industry and guarantee your efficiency.

We Are Here for you in every step of the process

Are you looking to open a restaurant? If this is you, we as  restaurant consultants can assist you with developing or commercializing your idea

If you already have an ongoing operation n the end, we will make it happened and will help you with any aspect of the restaurant operation to make your business successful again.


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We serve at the intersection of purpose, passion, profit, and potential. 

We bring practical and relevant experience ranging from the dish room to the boardroom.

We are solely focused on the foodservice and hospitality industry


Our Services

  • Fully management
  • New venture
  • Consulting
  • Estructure
  • Re Estructure
  • Packages
  • Business & Personnel Coaching

About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of experts lead by our founder and CEO the chef Alejandra Burdiles who has been working in the restaurant business for more than 29 years, with an excellent background and worldwide customers making our company one of the best.

We also proud of our latin roots hablamos español y atendemos sus dudas

What We Do

The team at Burdiles Restaurant Consultants is known for its creative yet grounded approach to concept development, product efficiency, menu and restaurant design, management training, and operational improvement. We are, first and foremost, menu innovators and efficiency experts. 

Why To Choose us?

You will have to choose us because we are what you were looking for, affordable services at your hand with the best customer service and experts


How We Work

We primarily divide our areas of interest and expertise by the length of the project, depending in how many hours we will utilizing and how doable it is.

Our Three main blocks

  • Projects that usually require 15 to 45 days and they have a beginning and an end.
  • Engagements Typically 6–12 weeks with a dedicated Engagement Manager.
  • Retainers after the completion of a first phase project or engagement, we typically structure subsequent work for on-going advisory services and implementation support on a retainer basis in 6– 24-month commitments. Dedicated resources and support functions are applied.

How our fees work

We commited to provided the best fees to our customers in an affordable manner base on 

  • Hourly basis
  • By project or block
  • As retainer contract

Our current deals

We constantly try to help our customers to succeed therefore our on-going specials are the delight of our clientele.

Retainer Chart

Based on our on-going services we have a sampler of our retainer charts:

  • 18 hours a week our flat rate of $800
  • 10 hours a week our flat rate of $500

(this includes phone consultations and correspondence)

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours. Or contact us 24/7 by email 

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