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Get Balance in your ¨WHEEL OF LIFE¨


There is a tool in the toolbox for personal development that has been around for over a thousand years called the “Wheel of Life”. You may be familiar with it if you have been exposed to life coaching or personal development for greater effectiveness in your life.

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With my FREE self Study Courses you will be able to learn how to manage your life, weight loss goals, daily routine in general and combined all to make every day a New day. And your relationships more enjoyable. FEEL FREE to request more files, recipes and tips.

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I am here for you because I been there too!!

  • feel like every day is a cheat day and still be losing weight!
  • lose weight without ever counting another calorie but eat like naturally slim people.
  • be yourself and feel self confident about it..... all much more then Follow Us is this amazing blog where I invite you ALL to participate

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Free Life Coaching


I want you to know without a shadow of a doubt that you ARE NOT ALONE in your weight loss journey because hope exists! You can lose weight in the best way possible! You can go for a delicious dinner and eat however much you desire (and a dessert if it feels good) without gaining weight! You can stop snacking when not hungry without feeling deprived! I am here for you.

Updates.- lately I have experience lots of changes in my life that motivate me to share all my life coaching tips and knowledge that I accumulate thru my sessions, of course we all know this will never be free, but yes IT IS FREE FOR ALL! the only thing I ask you is to follow my social media and share your thoughts and experiences with us on my Facebook page, twitter, instagram or email me and I will share that on your behave.

 Our mission and challenge 

is to assertively build a collaborative community that definitely will think  "outside the box" and thru your eyes we will maintain a  continuous improvement.

Our Vision: 

 our vision for the type of world we want to live in.  A place where every person reaches their absolute full potential in a way that means they are on purpose and living an abundant and incredible life.

Our Goal:

If we want to live in a world where every person gets to meet their full potential what are WE going to do to make that happen?  This is what we are going to do and that is where I will strive for.

Facebook with US

This is OUR SPACE, let's use social media for the actual purpose. I want.... I need your opinions, your thoughts.... your little time to build up this awesome community: we are here to share recipes, weight loss tips, life coaching, concerns and more.

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