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The Peruvian cuisine or Peruvian Gastronomy depends on its roots several centuries ago, producing one of the most precious cultural fusions in the contemporary world. The Peruvian cuisine recognized like most kept secrets of the world. It's known not only for its exquisite taste but also for its variety and ability to incorporate influences from different times and cultures.

The culinary history of the Peruvian food dates back to the Incas and pre-Incas with its maize, potatoes, and spices that later was influenced by the arrival of the Spanish conquered and different migrations such as Chinese, European, Indian and Japanese immigrants (mainly throughout the 19th century).

Peruvian cuisine combines the flavors of four continents. With the eclectic variety of traditional dishes, the Peruvian culinary arts are in constant evolution, and impossible to list in their entirety. Suffice it to mention that along the Peruvian coast alone there are more than two thousand different types of soups, and that there are more than 250 traditional desserts.

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 We love food. We love South Florida. We love serving you! We are a passionate team led by an experienced chef here to offer a truly unique Peruvian Catering experience with the touch of International options; immerse yourself and your guest in this unimaginable journey of Flavors, Aromas, Spices, Exotic Ingredients, and the Influence of 5 continents all in one amazing yet wonderful cuisine…. Peruvian Cuisine.

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Our exquisite Catering & Events prides itself on its professional  and personalized approach. We offer gourmet catering services with the best Peruvian and International food for all your needs, let us help you create a Unique event Just for you.


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Since 1991, we have been arranging all the details necessary to cater your most memorable events. To help exceed the expectations of your guests, our menu options feature a wide range of flavors selected from around the world.  You may choose from one of our pre-fixed menus or customize a menu to your taste.  Complete satisfaction and delicious food, including prompt and professional service, is our commitment to you and your guests.


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Chef Alejandra Burdiles Graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School with high honors and more than two decades experience in Five Star restaurants, Resorts, and the best hotels, has come to put all her expertise and dedication in this catering followed by her team of expert chefs to bring to you the best of the Peruvian Gastronomy. She was born and raised in Peru in a very traditional Peruvian - Italian family where she learned how to deeply love her roots. Then she traveled around the world to spread her gastronomy and enrich her knowledge with other cuisines, to now let South Florida enjoy her amazing creations. The chef Alejandra personally cooks and supervises every single detail in her kitchen with her wonderful staff at her command.

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We are unique and different from the other catering services because we import our products directly from origin contributing to small farms and communities to grow their business and enriching our dishes with perfect ingredients directly from Peru to you.

We like to take the opportunity to thank our customers who already been trusting us to cater all their events and gatherings and from our kitchen team and partners will ask you to continue their patronage to us.

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A complete history of most popular peruvian dishes

History of Peruvian dishes

Peruvian Fish Ceviche: A one of a kind dish made with the freshest fish, and the exact acidity of Peruvian limes with a touch of yellow chili then served with two different Peruvian corns and a piece of orange sweet potatoes.

Seafood mix Ceviche:  made in the same perfection of the traditional fish ceviche with the addition of a variety of imported seafood to turn this dish into an aphrodisiac novelty, served with two different Peruvian corns and a piece of orange sweet potatoes.

Potatoes in Huancaina Sauce:  This traditional dish claimed it name is derived from Huancayo, a city in the Peruvian highlands, this dish is from Lima - Perú. it is made of homemade white cheese, yellow Peruvian chili, and original spices to create a creamy sauce called Huancaína sauce served over Andean potatoes, with boiled egg, and Peruvian black olives from the south-central city of Arequipa. It has become a staple of everyday and holiday cuisine throughout the country. (a variant of this dish is served with boiled yucca from the Amazon region of Loreto Peru)

Ocopa Potatoes: This creamy green sauce originally from the south-central city of Arequipa with an uncertain part of history why the main ingredient used is Black mint or as we know it “Huacatay” an herb from the Andes mainly from Peru, with the addition of homemade white cheese, red onions, with a touch of yellow chili served over Andean potatoes, with boiled egg, and Peruvian black olives from the same city.

Yellow Potatoes “Causa” with Chicken or Tuna: This dish is from Lima, the capital of Peru and it comes with an amazing history behind, the origins can be traced back to the Pacific War where Peru and Bolivia formed an alliance in order to combat Chile. During that time period, Chile wanted to seize control of the world’s saltpeter and most of the ladies left at the city called “ the Rabonas΅ went door to door taking donations of what food they could from villages. Along with the spuds, they were also able to collect carrots, corn, peas, and much more. After figuring out a way to blend all of the ingredients together perfectly and present it in a convenient sandwich-like form, the ladies would feed the soldiers uttering the most triumphant encouraging words a starving battle-weathered soldier could hear: “This is for the cause”.  Out of necessity and ingenuity, this historic dish came to life. Nowadays it is made out of the best Andean potatoes, yellow chili, lime juice and filled with your preference, decorated with boiled egg and black Peruvian olives from the South Central city of Arequipa.

Tamales:  Being a traditional staple dish from all over the Americas, but our tamales are unique because they are made with Peruvian maize, panca chili and cooked in banana leaves from the Amazon region of Loreto Peru, then stuffed with the meat of preference, with boiled egg, and Peruvian black olives from the south-central city of Arequipa, then carefully  served with salsa criolla.

Stuffed Potatoes: With no exact record of the origin of this dish is traditionally made all over the Americas mainly in the South and Central, being our recipe unique because it posses a blend of three different Andean potatoes and with beef stuffing carefully prepared in advance with a unique mix of Peruvian spices, then serve with fresh salsa criolla. It could be served hot or room temperature.

Solterito de Choclo: This sort of a salad originally from the South Central city of Arequipa it contains amazing ingredients, a blend of the the whole Peruvian Andes, having homemade white cheese, fava beans, Amazon region spices, rocoto chili, tomatoes, onions and much more to create this amazing yet fragrant dish only made in Peru.


Rice with Chicken:  As simple as it sounds this dish has a special blend of three Peruvian chillis (non-spicy but tasty!), cilantro, red onions, vegetables, and a secret ingredient that made the flavor very special. This dish is originally from the north coast of Peru, widely prepared in many regions nowadays. Served with fresh salsa criolla.

Cilantro Beef Stew with Cannellini beans

Seco is one of the most popular recipes of Peruvian cuisine, and one of the main elements of traditional “Comida criolla”, which is the name we give to typical food from the coastal region of the country. The roots of this dish in our gastronomy are very old, a product of the Arab influence that the Spanish brought with them during colonial times. Seco was originally prepared in the northern part of the country, but it is now eaten all along the coast. When you try it, you will understand why it has become so popular. In addition of these wonderful flavors, we add smooth cannellini beans cooked to perfection to make it simply irresistible.

Chicken Chili Stew (Aji de Gallina): This dish with an amazing background has mostly Andean ingredients such as panca chili, homemade white cheese, and the fusion of Italian ingredients including nuts and parmesan cheese then cooked slowly to obtain a creamy and perfect dish, it has its actual history back to the French revolution in 1789 when Chefs working for wealthy families lost their jobs after French aristocrats were imprisoned and executed. Some of these chefs traveled to the New World, including Peru, bringing with them French culinary expertise and using local ingredients to create new flavors like this wonderful one.

Dry Potatoes Stew (Carapulcra): This famous Creole dish with a Quechua name and remote pre-Columbian origin has two names: carapulcra and carapulca. It is one of the oldest mestizo dishes still in existence. The people of that time gave the dish the flavor of Andean cuisine. Is a traditional Andean dish claimed the origin from many Andean cities, is made from One of a Kind dry potatoes ( papa seca) from Huayro potatoes sundried in high altitude Andean areas over 3,000 ft high then cooked with panca and yellow chili, pork chunks and dyr roasted peanuts among other secret ingredients making this unique plate a must try from our gastronomy.

Peruvian Fried Rice (Arroz Chaufa): This dish simple yet delicious is a perfect ambassador of the Chinese immigration to Peru from the Canton region of China, the rice was brought  to Peru by these immigrants and they cultivated in the fields for their personal use but most of the cooks at the big mansions where Chinese introducing little by little this grain to our gastronomy, this Peruvian version of the traditional fried rice is more simpler than other Chinese regions but tastier because it has a fusion of ingredients from Peru, China, and Japan make it great to eat.

Sauteed Spaghetti with Beef or Chicken: One of the best examples of a natural fusion, cooked with Peruvian, and  Chinese spices, Japanese soy sauce, and Chinese vegetables sauteed in spagietti which we all know is originally from China but brought to Peru by the Italians, then added beef or chicken to be serve hot and immediately.

Sauteed Beef ( Lomo Saltado):  It actual an original name was ¨ sauteed΅ but with the time being it is called ¨ saltado¨ which actually translate as ¨ jumped¨ well does not make sense in English but in   it does, this super staple of our gastronomy is beef cut in julienne marinated at least few hours in advanced then carefully sauteed in a wok pan ( Chinese pan) because it shallow form make it well better to obtain an amazing flavor, once is done the onions and the tomatoes are add it then sauteed again and served over a bed of hot and steamy french fries and white rice with a final touch of parsley.

Pesto Spaghetti with Breaded Steak ( Tallarines Verdes): An Italian staple with Peruvian additions, classic pesto sauce with Andean homemade white cheese and a hint of yellow chili, then served with a breaded steak on top and two slices of Andean potatoes boiled and fried to make it a great example of a 5 continents gastronomy.

Fish ¨ Chorrillana¨ style: This fish dish is a must from the capital city of Lima, especially from Chorrillos which located at the edge of the ocean and the fishermen arrive every day with great fresh fish in town, is flash fried and served with sauteed onions and tomatoes and yellow chili over a bed of Andean potatoes boiled and sliced.


Rice Pudding: A creamy blend of rice, cinnamon, evaporated milk, raisins, and condensed milk all cooked to obtain a fine dessert with an spiced touch. Mostly claimed worldwide it arrived in Peru from Spain and the Chinese immigrants who brought this grain made it possible.

Purple Corn Pudding( mazamorra morada): This is an extremely interesting dessert, using a native maize Purple in color, and the additions of cinnamon, cloves, lemon, apple, quince, peach, apricots, plums, and sugar all arrived in the New World with the Spanish and soon after was born Mazamorra Morada. In Peru, at that point, the local ingredients available were purple corn, pineapple, and sweet potato flour. Historians said that the word ¨Mazamorra¨ has its roots from a Moors words meaning pudding or something closer, truth is you can not eat Peruvian food without trying a well nice made ¨ Mazamorra Morada¨, all this combination of ingredients and aromas made it unique.

Combinado: This is a very traditional combination from the capital city of Lima from the street food trucks basically half of the portion is rice pudding and the other half is Mazamorra Morada, well appreciated all over the city and the most popular tradition in October.

Cream Caramel: Widely made throughout the Americas and in Europe with the only difference that in each country has a different name this dessert always made in the same way, a mix of two different milks, eggs, vanilla, and sugar with caramel in the bottom cooked in bain Marie and serve with the caramel resulting from the dessert itself, this dessert has became a kids favorite for decades because in Peru we made it with a citrus ending transforming a traditional in a special one.

Brownie Style Peruvian Chocolate Cake: If I have to be 100% honest I have no idea how we have created this perfect yet amazing chocolate cake, sweet, and semi-sweet with many undescribable flavors it is overall a favorite dessert of all times because it is made with Peruvian chocolate from the Amazon region and with just enough sugar to make it unique. Admired by many around the world hard to make but once it is mastered it is a must to seal a great meal.

Mil Hojas: Mille Feuille dessert from France, adopt it and adapt it in Peru with lots of Caramel to make it tasty, flaky  and irresistible, usually serve room temperature, this dessert is prepared everywhere in Peru and as a variation it has sometimes whipped cream or custard as a filling, our version is traditional with caramel in there.

Lady Sigh (Suspiro a La Limeña): An old tale said that when the ladies of the capital city of Lima use to make this dessert whoever eat it will sight for them because of the flavor, other tale said that the wife of a well know historian invented this dessert so that way she will get the attention of her husband, the truth is that this double creamy caramel made to perfection with secret ingredients and top it with swiss meringue it is just a great ending for a meal to have just enough sweet on you. ( A variation is made with a Peruvian fruit Lucuma as well)

Camotillo: Most of the time bite-size dessert is made out of boiled sweet potatoes and sugar, with some other spices, cooked to a perfect point and bake at the end to make it easy to keep for few days, this dessert usually mas made by the nuns and distributed to the mansions as a gift to the family when the nuns where invited for lunch or dinner. I must say those sweet potatoes were brought to Peru by African Slaves to be cultivated in the fields and then widely introduced in our gastronomy as well.

The king of all Fish Ceviche made from the freshest ingredients and carefully plated

The king of all Fish Ceviche made from the freshest ingredients and carefully plated